What kind of wedding?

What kind of wedding?

Here at the Golden Coast Hotel, you have a few options when it comes to what kind of wedding you’d like. All equally meaningful and beautiful, here you can read more about each type of ceremony to see which is the best fit for you.

Civil Weddings

This is the most common type of ceremony we hold here. It is a legally recognized wedding in Cyprus and in the UK. A civil ceremony lasts for 15minutes and is conducted by a marriage officer provided by the Town Hall. The ceremony can take place in English or Greek and includes a declaration by the marriage officer, declarations by the Bride and Groom (vows), exchange of rings (if choosing to wear rings) and signing of the wedding certificates. The ceremony must be witnessed by two individuals who are over 18. The hotel can provide witnesses if necessary. These are the vows which are legally binding and must be said by both Bride and Groom:

I call upon, all persons here present, to witness that I ……………………………………… accept you …………………………………………….as my lawful spouse, to love and to share with you as from this day, moments of joy and sorrow, wealth and poverty, happiness and unhappiness, throughout our life until death do separate us.

If you wish to read your own vows, or have a reading within the ceremony, the Town Hall must be notified of this in advance and they must be kept to just a few minutes.

For a civil ceremony you will visit the Town Hall prior to the wedding day, in order to complete the paperwork for your marriage licence and to pay the legal fees. You must present your documentation, outlined below, and the documents must be the originals – photocopies are not accepted.

Paperwork required for a Civil Ceremony for a British Passport holder:

  • Birth Certificate (long version with parent’s details on) – if you’ve misplaced yours, you can order certified copies from the gov.uk website and these copies are acceptable.
  • Passport with at least 6 months remaining on it.
  • Statutory Declaration (also known as an Affidavit) dated within 12 weeks of the wedding. This is a document declaring your eligibility to marry which must be signed and stamped by a solicitor. It costs between £5-£100 depending on the solicitor used, so worth shopping around for the best price. A sample document and full instructions on this will be sent to you 12 weeks before the wedding

*If Irish passport holders, you will need a Certificate de Coutume in the place of the Statutory Declaration. This can be obtained from the Department of Foreign Affairs in Ireland.

Other paperwork needed (only if applicable):

  • If divorced: Divorce Decree
  • If adopted: Adoption records
  • If widowed: Death Certificate of late spouse
  • If legally changed name since birth: Deed poll records

For any other nationalities, you will need your passport and birth certificate, which must be translated into English or Greek (if not already in one of these languages). Any of the applicable documentation must also be translated. A single status document must be obtained instead of the statutory declaration. This must be dated, stamped and signed (original) documents from the competent authority of their countries of origin, for your present marital status (single, divorced or widowed). Please enquire for more information.

The hotel is given a 3pm time slot for civil ceremonies. Upon request we can hold later weddings, as long as the marriage officer’s schedule allows.

Civil ceremonies can take place at: Chapel Courtyard (outside Chapel), Sea View Deck, Antamoma

Symbolic Weddings

A symbolic wedding is a ceremony that has no legal status. At the moment, same-sex civil weddings are not performed in our municipality, so this is an option for same-sex couples wishing to marry here. A symbolic wedding means there is more flexibility and pretty much anything is possible. It can look and sound very much like a traditional wedding, or it can be something fun and unusual like a sand blending ceremony or hand binding. It can be religious, non-religious or spiritual. Symbolic ceremonies tend to last a little longer than a civil wedding, around 30minutes. You can incorporate readings, vows, songs, poems and anything else you like! Symbolic ceremonies can take place any day and any time you like. There are no paperwork requirements for a symbolic ceremony.

Symbolic ceremonies can take place at: Chapel Courtyard (outside Chapel), Sea View Deck, Antamoma

Anglican Weddings

Anglican wedding ceremonies are conducted by Father Martin, who is a British priest of the Anglican Church. The ceremonies are 40minutes long, and Father Martin makes the ceremony fun and interactive for you and your guests. It incorporates blessings, prayers, vows, ring exchanges, the Lord’s Prayer and signing of wedding certificates. Anglican weddings are legally recognized in Cyprus and the UK. Therefore in order to have an Anglican ceremony, you are required to have all the same documentation as a civil ceremony, and you will go to the Town Hall to obtain your marriage licence as if you were having a civil ceremony. You will meet with Father Martin prior to the wedding day, to give him the marriage licence. The Church also requires one of you (minimum) to have been baptized, and they will need to see a baptism certificate. You are able to have an Anglican wedding if divorced.  After the ceremony Father Martin legalizes the wedding. These ceremonies are very special and enjoyable for all involved.

Anglican Weddings can take place at: Chapel Courtyard (inside the Golden Coast Chapel or outside if a large party) or Agios Nikolas Chapel in the bay.

Orthodox Weddings

Orthodox weddings are conducted by local priests and can be in Greek, Russian, English or Arabic. These ceremonies are usually up to one hour long and include many traditions such as wearing the Stefana, drinking Koumandaria and eating a special type of communion bread. For an Orthodox wedding both the Bride and Groom must be Baptized. Orthodox weddings are not legally recognized in the UK (so if British passport holders a civil wedding is also required). Orthodox weddings are legally recognized in Cyprus.

Orthodox weddings can take place at: Agios Nikolas Chapel in the bay.

Maronite Weddings

Maronite weddings are conducted by Maronite priests and tend to be in Arabic. These ceremonies are also up to one hour long and include Maronite traditions. The Bride and Groom must be Baptized.

Maronite weddings can take place at Agios Nikolas Chapel in the bay.

We also can arrange vow renewals (religious or symbolic), Baptisms, anniversary parties, JW ceremonies and much more! Contact us for more information.